Atelier des Arts

Throwback Thursday
by Justin Flowers

Saturday 24 February

Comedy (10+)
40 minutes

Chaos theory tells us that small changes in initial conditions can result in significant changes later, like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings might cause a typhoon halfway across the world.

In terms of time travel, it’s called a time paradox, and it’s the very thing that keeps DeeDee from trying out her new time machine she’s invented using household items, including her sister’s curling iron. Unfortunately for DeeDee and her friends — and for the state of all mankind, really — Tony didn’t pay enough attention in school last week. She’s flunked her algebra test, so she dismisses DeeDee’s warnings and borrows the hat-shaped time travel device for a quick trip back to last Thursday to warn past Tony, in hopes of saving her current self from summer school.

But she changes a little too much, so she goes back again… and again…