FEST 2020


Friday March 6th – Sunday March 8th 2020

Kulturhaus Mersch, 53 rue G-D Charlotte, L-7520 Mersch, Luxembourg


With English becoming ever more important as the language of communication and business in the modern world, the need for children to use the language is now essential. Several secondary schools around the Grand-Duchy have in recent years augmented their normal English classes with English theatre options or extra-curricular activities. At a time when use of English is a crucial life skill, these options give the students a chance not only to improve their language abilities by using it practically on the stage, but also to develop their presentational skills and self-confidence when speaking in front of audiences.

To celebrate and encourage this development, in 2018 ALEA, the English Teachers’ Association in Luxembourg, in conjunction with the BGT English Theatre Company staged a Festival of English-Language Theatre presented exclusively by school groups and English school classes from around Luxembourg. This event – called FEST – proved so successful that a 2nd Festival is being planned for 2020. This will take place at the Mierscher Kulturhaus from March 6rd-8thand is to be organised by the newly-formed FEST asbl.

The purpose of the event is to give secondary schools from all over Luxembourg the chance to perform short one-act theatre pieces in English to the general public over the course of a weekend. It will be an opportunity to watch shows from around 10 different shows by English theatre school groups and classes. This will give the students the possibility not only to act in English in an established venue, but also to see others of their own age performing and to hear English spoken by both native and non-native speakers. Participants will be able to find out how other schools are benefiting from using theatre in their English teaching programmes and to share best practice ideas with other pupils and teachers who are doing similar projects.

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