European School Kirchberg

The Shape of the Grave
by Laura Lundgren Smith

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.

Saturday 24 February

Drama (14+)
45 minutes

Contains some strong language.

Northern Ireland 1974: tensions between mainly-Protestant loyalists, who want the province to remain part of the UK and mainly-Catholic loyalists who want join independent Ireland have erupted into violence. The arrival of British soldiers in 1969 has made thing worse, and a vicious cycle of killing and counter-killing has become the norm.

Colleen, a young Catholic teenager, feels embittered by the situation and is determined to fight for the Republican IRA. But her sister, Brigid, who just wants to live her life in peace, tries to make her see sense. But can she stop Colleen from going down the path of violence and, ultimately, tragedy.

A hard — and timely — look at the way communities can fall apart and how a background of violence can brutalise even the most innocent.